FAQs-Class Registration and More! "A Work in Progress"

How Do I Register For a Class? 
You can register for classes at any time. Just go to the club website,(SunCityCC.org) click on the CLASSES tab, and then click on the Class Session you want. This takes you to the Eventbrite site. (We contract with them to manage our sales.) You need to click on REGISTER to see classes. Choose whichever classes you want to take. Click on CHECKOUT and follow directions to complete your order.

If you have never registered for a  class before you can go to any help session or ask the monitor for help. Registration for individual classes ends 30 minutes after the start of the class as long as there are still seats available.

All classes are held in the Computer Room in the Townsquare.

What is Eventbrite and why do you use them?
Eventbrite is an event management and ticketing website. With around 500 seats in classes during the month, it manages and collects the class fees through CREDIT CARDS. 

Can I use my CAM card for classes?
No, Eventbrite has nothing to do with Sun City Hilton Head CA.

I have an Idea for a Class OR I want to teach a class. Who do I contact?
Contact Debbie Dennis, Education Chair at NJDebinSC@gmail.com

What is a Computer Club CA?
A volunteer is interested in helping club members increase technology skills by assisting individual students during classes taught by skilled instructors. For more information:  Contact - Judy Raney, Computer Club CA Co-ordinator  computercac@gmail.com           

Coming Soon!
What is a Monitor? How do I become one?
How do I become a Helper?
Where do I find Presenter Notes?