Sunday, January 27, 2019

Class Registration FAQs-Coming Soon!

Class Registration FAQs-Coming Soon!

  1. How Do I Register For a Class?
  2. What is Eventbrite and why do you use them?
  3. Can I use my CAM card for classes?
  4. I have an Idea for a Class
  5. I want to teach a class
  6. What is a Class Assistant? How do I become one?
  7. What is a Monitor? How do I become one?
  8. How do I become a Helper?

New Web Site Registration Help Instructions

New SCHHCA Website and App Registration 
Help Appointments

The Computer Club is helping residents with the registration process for the new website and apps.  We have scheduled time on the following Mondays February 11th and 18th between 4-6 PM.

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Decide what time and date you would like to come in for help.
  3. Click inside the appropriate empty cell and type your first & last name and phone number. If you are using a tablet or an iPad, you must click on the little pencil in the corner, and then click in the cell. Then, click on the Check Mark in the Upper left corner. 
  4. If you have any problems completing the form, please EMAIL with your name, phone number, and date and time you are requesting.
  5. Show up at the Computer Classroom 5 minutes before your scheduled time. Be sure to bring your own device (laptop, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone) to complete registration. Please make sure your devices are charged!

Click on the link below to sign up for an appointment or just come to the Computer Classroom February 11th and 18th between 4-6 PM for help. 

Information from SCHHCA/AAM
For FAQs and Registration information on the 
Sun City Hilton Head Community Website, 
please check their information page HERE

SCHHCA/AAM Tech Help Desk Available Friday
Need help with the community’s new technology? A Tech Help Desk will be available every Friday by appointment only beginning this Friday, February 1. Upcoming sessions will be available 9–11 a.m. and 1–3 p.m. February 1 and February 8. Tech Help Desk sessions will continue every Friday at varying time slots. Sign up in the Seminar Binder at Lifestyle Services.